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Public speaking

Unsurprisingly, all of my talks focus on product management and growth strategies. Most of them have interactive parts where I quiz or poll the audience - it's fun, and people remember key points much better this way. It also flexes decision-making muscles which are essential for product managers and leaders.

I run an NPS survey after each event, and my usual score lies beyond 50. My best result was in Wroclaw with Storytelling for PMs that got a whopping 87 NPS!

Each keynote has 30-45 minutes of content and a Q&A afterwards. Workshops usually last for 2 or 4 hours.

Download my speaker kit or check the full list on this page.

Upcoming & past events







  • 03/24 [Course] Week 2 of the product leadership program Ahead of Product

  • 03/18 [Talk] Using Product Analytics and CRM to Retain customers (public with Amplitude and Braze)

  • 03/10 [Course] Week 1 of the product leadership program Ahead of Product



December 2021

  • 12/21 [Workshop] Product Growth Strategies pt. 4 (private with TIER)

  • 12/21 [Talk] Monetisation strategies (private with Tumar App, website)

  • 12/16 [Talk] Monetisation strategies (private with Intelogis)

  • 12/07 [Workshop] Product Growth Strategies pt. 3 (private with TIER)

November 2021

June 2021

May 2021

April 2021

January 2021

  • 01/20 [Talk] Storytelling for Product Managers (private with TIER)

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