Keynotes & Workshops

Unsurprisingly, all of my talks focus on product management. Most of them have interactive parts where I quiz or poll the audience - it's fun, and people remember key points much better this way. It also flexes decision-making muscle which is essential for product managers and leaders.

I run an NPS survey after each event, and my usual score lies beyond 50. My best result was in Wroclaw with Storytelling for PMs that got a whopping 87 NPS!

In total, I have 5 presentations, each a 45-min talk with Q&A afterwards. Some talks can be converted into a 2-hour practical workshop for smaller groups upon your request.

Check them below or download the my speaker kit as a PDF.

Ok, got it!



public speaking

You will learn 3 storytelling plots, around 10 rules and guidelines for storytelling, 3 metrics to measure your success, how to apply in product management, and a list of storytellers to draw inspiration from.

Key points:

  1. How to choose a story plot

  2. How to write a story (interactive)

  3. Performer tips for storytelling

  4. Metrics for storytelling

  5. How to apply in product management

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Will you be my MAU?

product growth



You will be able to setup a cross-functional product growth team with a proven process to quickly experiment and deliver revenue outcomes.

Key points:

  1. North Star to unify product & business 

  2. What defines a good metric

  3. GEM prioritisation model (Growth, Engagement, Margins)

  4. ICE experimentation framework (Impact, Confidence, Effort)

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The Unchurnables.

career growth

personal development

hiring & onboarding

Key points:

  1. Which PM qualities bring real impact

  2. Perfect hiring process

  3. Onboarding to shorten adaptation period

  4. Flow exercise to measure project stress or boredom

  5. Personal development framework for PMs

You will be able to develop a complete process of hiring, onboarding, and mentoring product managers. With this framework and 3 key exercises, PMs can develop 4 skills in a year and will never churn from your company.

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8-week delivery cycles.

Product process

Agile dual track


You will learn from 2 years of TIER experience with this format, how we scaled it from 1 to 15 product teams, and be able to do the same in your company without repeating our mistakes.

Key points:

  1. Why 8-week cycles

  2. Learnings from 11 delivery cycles of TIER (interactive)

  3. How to react to crisis such as Covid-19

  4. What's next after you perfect the cycles

  5. How to introduce this in your company

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12-month product strategy.

 4-hour workshop only 

outcome focused

strategy drivers

kpi & metrics

You will create 3-4 product strategies in a format: As a team, we will explore <Strategy Driver>, measure our success with <Proxy Metrics>, and experiment on <10-25 ideas>. This is how we do all product strategy at TIER.

Key points:

  1. Stop talking about which feature, start talking about which outcome

  2. Unify product and business teams vision

  3. Identify strategy drivers and proxy metrics

  4. Build several roadmap drafts based on continuous discovery and experimentation

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Want a different talk?

Let me know! I can create a custom keynote or workshop just for your company or event.