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1 on 1 coaching

I usually start the work by sending a few product cases to understand your product thinking and personal way of working. Your answers will be our kick-off material to identify which skills require a boost.

Those cases cover fundamental areas:

  • Product decision making

  • People chemistry

  • Consumer science

  • Uncertainty management

​As well as leadership skills:

  • Inclusive leadership

  • Culture builder

  • Business maturity


You have a feeling that the product development of a new major release goes for too long, the feature list keeps growing, and there is no end in sight. You need to launch sooner. What are the signs it’s time to cut corners and how would you do that?

We will then use our 50 min sessions to either develop those missing skills together or to analyze specific work situations. My goal is to equip you with new knowledge and behaviours that you can apply back at work to cement the theory with practice. That's why I recommend spacing out sessions with 2-3 weeks in between.

And lastly, ask your company for support! Most are open to pay for the education of their employees and cover 50% or even 100% of the coaching plan.

Intro call


Give it a try, no strings attached

25 minutes

Enough to scope your situation

3 sessions


Perfect to develop a missing skill or behaviour

Most Popular

3 x 50 minutes

10% discount*

Focus on one area or skill

7 sessions


Ideal for long-term mentorship

7 x 50 minutes

20% discount*

Focus on both functional
and leadership skills

Enough time to develop
a personal product culture

* Single 50 minute session - €150.

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