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Hi, I'm Daniil

When I was starting as a PM, product management was a relatively new thing, and I never had a product leader in the company who would look after me. I faced many difficulties and had to learn the ropes the hard way. Looking back now, it surely would have helped to have an experienced product mentor by my side.

At some point, me giving product advice once in a while transformed into me coaching several PM colleagues and friends. After some internal struggles with impostor syndrome, I finally decided to create a website for that and make it official.


MY work experience

Right now I live in Berlin and work remotely as Head of Product at TIER, the fastest-growing scaleup in Europe. I lead several product teams in the Monetisation & Retention area, and it's both great and intense at the same time. We work in 6-week delivery cycles, A/B test most of our features, and prioritise using a Confidence Meter and the GEM framework.

Before that, I was a startup founder myself and also have worked in several companies as a product leader. My roles ranged from a Head of Product to a CPO, and even a Director of Technology. You can read more on my LinkedIn.

All that gives me a wealth of experience and a good overview of how companies of different sizes and stages solve product challenges. Which I gladly share at conferences (such as PMF and Landing Festival), meetups in Berlin and online, and as a mentor in Founder Institute.

What do colleagues say?

Several times a year, I run a 360° feedback and measure my professional NPS, which averages at 72 for this year. Here are some quotes colleagues left during the last 360°:

 You're very organized and on top of our tasks, which filters down to the team. You're always looking for ways to improve our processes and involve the team in it. You're a friendly, humorous person and it shows that you care not just about work, but also about the team.

– You started pulling your weight from the start, and your influence on our way of working and the team's organization is palpable. I think what I wrote above sums it up pretty well: you're doing great!

– You are user-centric, organised, and pragmatic. It's great that you believe in delivering value to the users, while being organised and focused on what can realistically be done under the project constraints.

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